About Us

Who are We

YPEZ was established in April 2016 in an endeavour to address the gaps in the Zimbabwe Education System. Officially registered as a non profit trust organisation by the Registrar of Deeds  as 0001520/2017. 

In the near future, the Trust shall find an office space to establish its Head Office in the Capital of Zimbabwe, Harare. 

Our Vision

From the teachers in the government to teachers in private schools, our goal is to capacitate young teachers through capacity development programs to improve them professionally to provide world class education services. We want to make our programs accessible to all young teachers in urban and rural areas. We will equip the young teachers with the skills and tools they require to execute their duties and create change in the education system. We believe in continuous learning. 

Our Future

  Establishment and sustainable growth of the Zimbabwean young teachers’ social-enterprises and business projects.

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Help someone to know their status and master their own destiny

 We intend to engage partners like National AIDS Council, New Start Center and PEPFAR Zimbabwe. 


ICTs Program

Teachers and children with disabilities should have equal access to ICT Education.

We intend to embark on a long term project on Inclusive ICT project in the country.


Gender Mainstreaming

We are basically focusing on increasing equality between male and female teachers. This includes equal opportunities, equal participation and equal representation of both males and females needs and wants. 

Our Team

Agnes Chindimba

President of Public Engagemet

Leonora Chirambo

Chief Development Officer

Fortune Chitsambo

M & E Coodinator

Marembo Barbara

Programs Director

Latest News

Google Digital Training

The course will enable the participants to develop digitization capabilities to increase and accelerate the socio-economic benefits in Zimbabwe. Digital skills are vital to close the gap of ICT knowledge in the education system and communities in Zimbabwe.

Gender Issues

In addition to this we have a workshop scheduled for 23 June 2018 on Gender Based Violence. Our focus is to unpack issues around GBV, Impact of GBV on job satisfaction and performance as well as dealing GBV in schools.

Youth Empowerment

We also find it very useful if teachers have a wider understanding of global issues from Continental up to Global level. The teachers are the agents of change hence the need to equip them with important knowledge. We have a workshop scheduled for 25 May 2019 on Global.